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Our Programs

Food Sharks programs are designed to be age appropriate and can be customized to your curriculum needs, topic preferences and timing requirements. Each session can accommodate up to 35 students.


Price: Starting from $250
Duration: From 1 - 2 hours

This dynamic program teaches the fundamentals of good nutrition and healthy eating strategies. It is very important during this rapid growth stage where adolescents and teenagers are experiencing significant changes both physically and emotionally that they learn how food plays a key role in managing their hormones and the impact it has on breakouts, mood swings and maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to practical strategies to boost their food know-how, students will gain deep insights into the food marketing landscape and challenges to making smart food choices—and how to become empowered to take charge.


Price: Starting from $250
Duration: From 1 - 2 hours

This engaging program teaches the importance and connection between nutrition and mental health. During these busy years, adolescents and teenagers are stressed out trying to manage their daily commitments, such as school, work, sports, family and social life. It is essential for them to be focussed and sharp while studying and writing exams to ensure a successful post-secondary future ahead. Studies show that nutritional deficiencies are directly linked to mood disorders. Therefore, poor eating habits can contribute negatively to brain health. Students will learn strategies to improve their mental health through nutrition. They will learn what foods to eat to manage stress, reduce anxiety, curb cravings, solve sleep issues and fight fatigue. The time is now to help kids start feeling happier, healthier and more energized.




Price: Starting from $240
Duration: From 1 - 2½ hours

*TDSB Approved Educational Partner

The Health and Wellness industry is booming with meaningful and rewarding jobs that offer competitive salaries, flexible schedules and the daily satisfaction of knowing you’re helping others feel their best. Food Sharks has specifically designed a SHSM Nutrition Certification Program that offers insights into this ever-growing industry and takes a comprehensive look at nutrition and marketing tactics that the fast food industry uses to make it so confusing for us to make healthy food choices. 

Program includes:


  • Overview of Health & Wellness careers

  • A day in the life of a Nutritionist

  • Sugar: discover the truth

  • Hidden Ingredients: what’s really in our food?

  • Beyond the Food Label

  • The Fast Food Industry: Food Marketing Strategies

  • Assessment component with Certificate



Price: Starting from $250
Duration: From 1 - 2 hours

Proper nutrition is vital for young athletes to be healthy and competitive. They need to learn what, when and how to eat and drink before, during and after physical activity and sports. A well-balanced diet is essential to provide energy for growth and to achieve optimal performance in sports. Not all fluids are created equal - athletes will learn about proper hydration for athletic performance and overall health. Perfect for physical education classes, school sports teams or external sports teams. 



Price: $150 per student
Duration: 6-week program
School must have full kitchen facilities for this program

Do you want your students to learn how to cook healthy meals and snacks that taste awesome? Then this is the right class for them!
Cooking is a life skill that everyone should learn. Without it, you rely on prepared, packaged and fast food for every meal, which can lead to health problems in the future. Students will learn how to make simple, nutritious and yummy meals without needing moms help at all. Foods like hummus, guacamole, salads, soups, sugar-free desserts, etc… 
Essential for senior students going away to College/University that need to cook for themselves for the first time and don’t know how.

  • Learn to cook easy and healthy snacks that taste awesome!

  • Substituting not-so-healthy ingredients for healthy ingredients

  • How to work vegetables into every meal

  • Budget-friendly meal ideas



Price: Starting from $250
Duration: From 1 - 2 hours

What does "natural" on a label really mean? You see it everywhere ... on food, drinks, make-up, face and body products. 

Have you ever wondered what the ingredients are in all those products we use every day? There are thousands of toxic chemicals in them, such as parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances and phthalates - many of which are being absorbed into our body. Are they safe? This program will help demystify what ‘natural’ really means and provide helpful self-care habits and strategies for a healthier and cleaner body and lifestyle. 

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